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Regular guys is a sports and social group for masculine gay and bi men in the San Francisco Bay Area
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The Regular Guys softball team
is heading to the Gay World Series
in Washington DC!!

For more information,
see the RG Team page
There are many gay & bi men who feel that gay culture is too narrow, concerned only with (stereo)typically gay activities and interests. A lot of us enjoy being guys. We like sports. The outdoors. "Guy Stuff". We enjoy the sort of bonding that takes place when we do those things with other like-minded guys. And we make no apologies for it.

So we founded REGULAR GUYS in 1996. Since then we've hiked, barbecued, camped and rafted… played football, softball and paintball…gone to movies and ballgames and sampled local brewpubs…sailed the Bay in a schooner and cruised Softball Image the Delta on a houseboat. Then there are our regular meetings, which attract 20 to 40 friendly, masculine guys each month.

If you like to do the things we like to do, then click on the ABOUT US and EVENTS links above to learn more. If you think you have what it takes to be a REGULAR GUY, click on MEMBERSHIP